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Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic extends holding period

    Behemoth, LLC announces that it will extend the holding period for the 2007 event through March 31st, 2008.  The holding period of October 1 through December 31st will be extended due to poor conditions this fall in Oregon.  It also has changed the status to yellow, as several storms approach the coast.

    The Pacific Northwest has been plagued with poor weather conditions this fall.  Primarily due to a La Nina weather pattern, the area received its fair share of huge swell events this fall, but each of these storms was accompanied by very strong winds.  Lincoln City, OR saw two separate storms with wind topping 100 MPH.

    “Due to La Nina, we did not have the dominant high pressure that usually blesses the Northwest this time of year. We have spoken with all the competitors and sponsors, and they all agreed that we should extend the holding period”, said event founder John Forse.

    Contest status has been changed to yellow as there are several storms lined up off the coast that are forecasted to produce large swells for next week.  These storms could coincide with a brief window of predicted offshore winds to produce contestable conditions.  Check the website for the latest details on contest status.

    The Nelscott Reef Tow In Classic, now in its third year, has held its previous 2 events in near perfect conditions.  They are looking for a combination of no wind (or offshore wind), large swell above 15 feet, and long duration period.  This combination creates very large perfect waves off the Oregon Coast.

    Although there were no conditions this fall that were contestable, Behemoth has had a very productive fall. The extra time has allowed them to devote some resources to completing a documentary they are producing.  The Find, Claiming Nelscott Reef, is a feature length film focused on the opportunities, opposition, and potential conflicts surrounding the discovery of a new surf break, such as Nelscott Reef.  A web site has been set up for the film and includes a 5-minute preview. Please check for more information.

    This fall, John Forse also found a new location for the Nelscott Reef Surf Shop/contest headquarters.  The shop is now located at 4235 SW Highway 101 in Lincoln City, OR, one block south of Spanish Head.  The bigger space will allow for more selection and the location is easier to access then the previous shop.

    The contest holding period will be extended through the end of March 2008.  For additional information, please visit

    2007 Main Invite List:

    Shane Desmond (N.Cal) Tyler Fox (N.Cal)
    Adam Replogle (N.Cal) Alistair Craft (N.Cal)
    Garrett McNamara (HAW) Kealii Mamala (HAW)
    Raph Bruhwiler (CAN) Keith Malloy (S.Cal)
    Zach Wormhoudt (N.Cal) Jake Wormhoudt (N.Cal)
    Ross Clarke-Jones (AUS) TBD
    Brad Gerlach (S.Cal) Mike Parsons (S.Cal)
    Jeff Clark (N.Cal) Chris Bertish (S. Africa)
    Peter Mel (N.Cal) Ryan Augustine (N.Cal)
    Greg Long (S.Cal) Rusty Long (S.Cal)
    Twiggy Baker (S. Africa) Chad Jackson (C. Cal)
    Russel Smith (N.Cal) Tyler Smith (N.Cal)
    Steve Nichols (N.Cal) Aaron Bierman (N. Cal)
    Dave Mcgill (Oregon) Joel Smith (Oregon)
    Danilo Cuoto (Brazil) Rodrigo Resende (Brazil)
    Skiz Doudt (Oregon/HAW) Chava Greenlee (HAW)
    Pablo Schulte (S.Cal) Davey Smith (S.Cal)
    Vince Broglio (N.Cal) Richard Schmidt (N.Cal)
    Osh Bartlett (N.Cal) Anthony Tashnick (N.Cal)
    Benji Darrow (N.Cal) Stan Meurer (N.Cal)
    2007 Alternates:

    Carlos Burle (Brazil) Eraldo Gueros (Brazil)
    Makua Rothman (HAW) Ikaika Kalama (HAW)
    Brett Hudson (N.Cal.) Jeff Kafka (N.Cal)
    Homer Henard (N.Cal) Matt Rockhold (N. Cal)
    Matt Ambrose (N.Cal) Shawn Rhodes (N.Cal)
    Troy Virostko (N. Cal) Nacho Lopez (N. Cal)
    Ion Banner (N. Cal)  Tim West (N. Cal)
    Jack Wormkraut (Maine) Rick Kane (Arizona)
    Mike Brummett (N.Cal) Chris Brown (S.Cal)
    Mike Parnell (Oregon) TBD
    Alec Cooke (HAW) Ron Barron (HAW)


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